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Mike Gibbons Vows to Fight the Return of Earmarks

January 17, 2018

Gibbons Pledges to Stand with Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee in Opposing Wasteful Spending; Jim Renacci Wants to Bring Earmarks Back


Cleveland, OH - Conservative outsider and candidate for U.S. Senate Mike Gibbons pledged today that he would join with Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee in opposing the return of earmarks to Congress. Last week the Senators wrote a letter to the administration urging it to oppose earmarks. According to reporting, Jim Renacci wants to bring earmarks back to Congress.
“We need to drain the swamp in Washington, but bringing back earmarks would only make it worse,” Gibbons said. “Unlike my opponent who believes in earmarks and appeared okay with the infamous Bridge to Nowhere, when elected I will join Senators like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul in opposing wasteful spending by keeping earmarks banned.”
In their letter the Senators wrote, “Earmarks represent the pay-to-play culture you have pledged to end. It is unfathomable to those of us who fought to end earmarks and witnessed our colleagues go to jail for corruption that pork barrel politics would return, especially at this time when Americans are clearly fed up with business-as-usual.”
In 2010, Jim Renacci at a Tea Party event said “You can talk about earmarks. You know, $17 billion in earmarks. Now I said you shouldn’t eliminate all of them…”. In 2014,Renacci was endorsed by the Canton Repository in part because of his interest in reviving earmarks.
In 2011, Renacci voted against a motion that would have rescinded funding for the Bridge to Nowhere. [HR 662, Vote 159, 3/02/11)


Yesterday, Renacci told that he stood by his plan to return earmarks to Congress.



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