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Mike Gibbons Asks Ohio Republican Party to Drop Endorsement of Democrat Jim Renacci

March 8, 2018

Cleveland, OH - Conservative outsider Mike Gibbons sent members of the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee a letter today warning them that Jim Renacci confessed to being a Democrat. Gibbons writes that Renacci's confession isn't surprising given his plan to raise taxes, bring back earmarks and his poor ratings by conservative organizations. Because of Renacci's comments, Gibbons asked the Ohio Republican Party to rescind its endorsement.


A copy of the letter is below.


Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee Member –


It has come to my attention that career-politician Jim Renacci recently publicly confessed to being a Democrat. Speaking at a recent event in Hamilton County, Renacci said “I'm a blue-collar Democrat who understands what it means to be a blue-collar Democrat union member."


Truthfully, I’m not terribly surprised by Congressman Renacci’s admission. After all, he wants to bring back earmarks and pork barrel spending. He voted to fund the Bridge to Nowhere. He doesn’t believe in term limits. He has a plan to raise taxes on all Americans. And he’s received very poor ratings from leading conservative organizations, including being called a “hypocrite” by the Club for Growth.


I am a proud conservative and Republican. I do not believe that the Ohio Republican Party should be in the business of endorsing and supporting Democrats. I know that Congressman Renacci is an insider, but even so I believe most rank and file Republicans would not want the Republican Party supporting even a blue-collar Democrat.


I am asking you to rescind your endorsement of Congressman Renacci. At the very least, the Congressman should have to explain himself. He is a professional politician, so I do not believe it is likely that he merely misspoke, it’s is more likely that he accidentally told the truth.


Thank you,


Mike Gibbons






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