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Conservative Outsider Mike Gibbons Launches Statewide Radio Ad

April 3, 2018

Cleveland, OH - Conservative outsider Mike Gibbons today launched a statewide radio ad that emphasizes his record as an outsider and his conservative beliefs. Unlike his opponent, Jim Renacci, Gibbons is running to get things done, not advance his own career.



Here’s Mike Gibbons the conservative outsider candidate for senate.



The first thing you need to know about me is I’m not a politician. I’m a businessman, I’m a conservative and tired of Washington career politicians.


Since I am blunt I’m going to tell you exactly where I stand. I think businesses create jobs not the government and they create a lot more jobs if taxes are lower. And families do a lot better if they’re taking more of their paycheck home.


And we need to seriously cut back on spending. We have created a culture where we have a lot of people that believe the government is supposed to take care of them. And I think we have to change that.


We have a healthcare system that is a total disaster, we pay twice as much as the rest of the industrialized world and I believe we do that because the government's involved in our healthcare.


I don’t think that anybody who comes into this country illegally should have some special path to being a citizen. You start rewarding people who came here illegally and you don’t have a nation.


I want to go to Washington to tell the truth, I want to represent Ohio, and I want to get some things done. I’m Mike Gibbons and I approve this message 



Paid for by Gibbons for Ohio.


Link to radio ad here.



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