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Conservative Outsider Mike Gibbons Launches Statewide TV Buy

April 12, 2018


Cleveland, OH - Conservative outsider Mike Gibbons today launched a statewide TV buy this morning featuring his new ad, "Telling the Truth." You can view the ad here.


The transcript is below:


First thing you need to know about me is that I’m not a politician.


ON SCREEN: Mike Gibbons, not a politician


I am a businessman


ON SCREEN: Mike Gibbons, a businessman


I am a conservative.


ON SCREEN: Mike Gibbons, conservative


I am tired of Washington career politicians.


I think businesses create jobs, not the government.


I don’t believe in earmarks. I think it’s just another example of Washington hogs

feeding at the government troth.


I don’t think that anyone comes to this country illegally should have some special

path to being a citizen.


ON SCREEN: No Amnesty


I’m going to go to Washington to tell the truth, I want to represent Ohio, and I

want to get some things done.


I’m Mike Gibbons and I approve this message.







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